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Standings & Schedule Boys & Girls

    Field A           Field B    
Week 1 Home   Away       Home   Away  
6:00 1 (A) vs 2(A) Boys   6:00 3(A) vs 4(A) Boys
  Franklin HS   SP United        Raiders   Fury  
6:45 1(A) vs 2(A) Girls   6:45 3(B) vs 1(B) Boys
  Blaze 1   AC Milan       The Waldos   Somerset Hills United  
7:30 1(A) vs 1(A) Girls   7:30 2(A) vs 2(B) Boys
  Blaze 1   Blaze2       SP United    BranchBurg Stars  
8:15           8:15        
9:00   vs       9:00        

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