7v7 and 8v8 Rules

7v7 and 8v8 rules

U10 and down will play 8v8, U11 and up play 7v7.


–       Kick-ins no throw-ins

–       Keepers are not allowed to punt

–       No off-sides

–       No slide-tackling

–       Keeper can’t kick the ball over the half-way line with a goal kick

–       Keeper can’t throw the ball over the half way line when the ball is in play

–       No scoring allowed from own half

–       3 yards distance by every restart

–       Substitutions on the fly

–       All youth league games are 40 minutes long (2 x 20 minutes running clock)

–       All adult league games are 50 minutes long (2 x 25 minutes running clock)

–       The referee can decide to add a little break in between first and second half

–       Teams don’t need official uniforms

–        Players in adult leagues need to bring a valid ID. Players in our youth leagues need to have a valid state pass, a HS ID or a valid ID