T4 Testing

Soccer Centers and Dutch Total Soccer are always looking to provide you with the best training tools to excel and maximize your talents.  Soccer is comprised of 4 elements: technical, tactical, mental and physical.

The improvement of the physical attributes of players has become increasingly important in the modern soccer game.  This has necessitated the creation of a standardized test to analyze speed, agility and strength to properly develop these abilities.

In order to improve these traits, Soccer Centers and Dutch Total Soccer has partnered with T4, a professional testing company. T4 has developed a national standardized testing program for clubs, teams and athletes to effectively measure soccer specific athleticism. These scientific examinations measure a player’s speed, agility, power and endurance in a series of tests during a 75 minute session. The results are viewed online and are ranked against other players on their team and nationwide.

The T4 test results are widely used in college recruitment and can give an advantage when applying for colleges. College coaches test their own teams and compare those test results with the new applicants to see what characteristics a player needs to have to be of added value for the team.

The test results determine a player’s physical characteristics and will successfully map that player’s strengths and weaknesses.  You can utilize these findings to improve speed, agility and power with specific training. More information about the T4 tests can be found on www.t4soccer.com. For scientific findings supporting T4 testing, you can click here.

In New Jersey, T4 Soccer has selected Soccer Centers as one of its official Assessment Specialist Organizations.  In order to help teams prepare for the Fall season, Soccer Centers will be hosting multiple testing dates starting in August and running throughout the fall season.  Testing, in order to not interfere with your clubs training, will be held primarily Sunday evenings. The tests will be conducted at the Soccer Centers facility in Somerset, but we can also set up testing at your location.

The costs of the T4 tests are $15 per player.

If you are interested in T4 Testing for your team and want to set up a test date, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Nota, affiliate T4 assessment specialist for Soccer Centers at T4@SoccerCenters.com

Below is an introduction about T4 Soccer, featuring former US Womens National Team and WPS soccer coach Tony Dicicco and US National team player Leslie Osborne.

Test Dates and Locations

Future test dates and locations will be posted here.

If your team would like T4 testing at your own soccer fields, feel free to contact Tom Nota (Tom@SoccerCenters.com) to schedule a testing date and time.

SoccerCenters will offer T4 Testing for teams throughout Fall Season. To schedule a date and time contact Tom Nota (Tom@SoccerCenters.com).