7v7 Tournaments

Below you can find a FULL 7v7 Tournament Schedule. 

TournamentDatesTime FrameLocationCostRegister
2009 Boys (U8) 3/11/2017
2:00pm-6:00pmIndoor$325 Per TeamRegister
2009 Girls (U8) 3/11/2017
2:00pm-6:00pmIndoor$325 Per TeamRegister
2008/2007 Boys (U9/10 Combined) 3/11/2017
6:00pm-10:00pmIndoor$325 Per TeamRegister


Tournament will be played 7v7 on a 95ft. by 165ft. indoor turf field. There are  3X25 minute games guaranteed with a possible final. Each team can have a max roster of 12 players.

Ref fees are $10 per team per game.

*All tournament schedules will be NOT be posted online. All teams will be notified of their schedule by email or phone.

For more information or any questions you can contact our Leagues & Tournaments manager:

lt@soccercenters.com or 732-748-4625 ext. 19

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