Laws and Rules

Soccer Centers Laws & Rules


On this page you can find the official Laws & Rules for all leagues and tournaments held at Soccer Centers. You can find the general rules below. To find the rules for our 3v3 tournaments, or 5v5 tournaments and our leagues you can click on one of the buttons below.

3v3 rules

5v5 rules

7v7 and 8v8 rules


All the leagues, tournaments and games will be played with the official Fifa soccer rules. The leagues mentioned up here have there exceptions on the Fifa rules. You can find the Fifa rules by clicking on this link.


General rules for all our Leagues & Tournaments:

Player uniforms, jerseys, protective casts & jewelry:

All players must wear shin guards, or will not be allowed to play.


All players must wear jerseys/shirts during play. If both teams are wearing the same color, a coin flip in pool play will determine which team must change. In playoffs, the higher seed will have the option.


Players wearing protective casts must receive written approval by the League & Tournament director. If the referee on the field of play deems a player’s protective cast is unsafe in any way, the player will not be allowed to play until the Tournament director allows the player to play.


No jewelry will be allowed, including earrings of any type, rope necklaces and bracelets. The only exception will be players wearing medical bracelets.

Game Balls / Sizes:

Teams are responsible for providing game balls. The ball size for each group is as following:

– U8-U12 = Size 4

– U13 & up = Size 5

For post-season events, such as Summer 3v3 or Summer 5v5, where the ball-size has increased for certain age groups during league play (U12), the increased size should be used. Any disputations over ball size must be settled prior to the start of the game.


Tiebreakers all Leagues & Tournaments:

The following tiebreakers will decide who the winner is:

–       Points

–       Head-to-head

–       Goal differential

–       Goals against

–       Goals scored

–       Shout-out


When there are 3 teams with the same amount of points (3-way tie) the goal differential, goals scored or goals against will decide who wins.


See the specific pages for  7v7 leagues and our 3v3 and 5v5 tournaments. All our outdoor tournaments will be played with all the official Fifa rules.